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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

About Synergized Coaching

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Deciding to change your life and invest in yourself is one of the most empowering lifestyle decisions that anyone can make.  When trusting someone with private details of your life, you should select professionals who recognize where you are, understand that you are a whole person with conflicting priorities, use metrics that fit your needs, and be concerned with your results as well as your journey.  

At Synergized Coaching, we are dedicated to the whole you and not just the physical.  Our training regime addresses the needs of diverse populations and recognizes the variety of fitness levels that exist in those populations.  Our trainers are multi-credentialed and experienced.  We've developed modifications and progressions for all exercises. We tailor large group programs to the majority of the participants and have a keen eye for knowing when a client(s) needs to progress or regress.

Please thoroughly explore the site.  We offer a variety of classes and programs that holistically challenge, change and heal.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

-Synergized Coaching

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Fitness Class
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