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About Me

Adapting Like The Flow Of Water

In 2011 I developed Synergized Coaching to address the professional and physical needs of scholarship hopeful high school students, young and mature adults. I quickly learned that one size does not fit all and that you have to adapt to the needs of your client, not the other way around.  Therefore my method of training constantly evolves to fit a client's lifestyle, goals and realistic capabilities.

So why weight loss, instead of CrossFit, HIIT, or bodybuilding? It's not as interesting, doesn't look as fun, and doesn't get all the likes that those who promote those types of exercise programs.  This is where I saw I was most needed.  I get to change lives for a living in the safest of ways, which is not only a privilege but incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.  Most people want to be able to move better, feel better, and do better.  The aesthetic will come if the fundamentals are first and foremost. 

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss and Corrective Exercise Specialist by NASM, a certified Nutritional Coach by Precision Nutrition, and a Certified Yoga Instructor by ISSA.  I am transparent in all I do and communicate candidly.  I am a teaching trainer.  I want you to learn about yourself so that you know what's best for yourself in all aspects of health.  In the words of Bruce Lee, be like water.  Flow, adapt, and never stop looking for a way to go where you want.

In good health,

Coach KB

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